Adonis Baths

Adonis, the God of beauty, was born after Aphrodite turned his mother Myrrha into a myrrh tree. Eventually, the tree burst open and Adonis emerged from within it. Once Adonis was born, Aphrodite was so moved by his beauty that she sheltered him and entrusted him to Persephone. She was also taken by his beauty and refused to give him back. The dispute was eventually settled by Zeus, who decided Adonis would spend one third of each year with each goddess and the last third wherever he wanted. Adonis always chose to spend 2 thirds of the year with Aphrodite.


Artemis, the Goddess of hunting, was said to be jealous of the love between Aphrodite and Adonis, and wanted to kill Adonis. She threw a golden almond into the baths, but Poseidon the god of sea, saw what happened and covered the golden almond with a torrent to stop Adonis drowning. She then asked Mars, the God of War to push the mountains onto Adonis whilst he was at the baths; Poseidon once again came to his assistance and saved him. However, one day whilst Adonis was hunting, a man disguised as a wild boar wounded him. He returned to the baths but later died in the arms of Aphrodite.

The Adonis baths are located in Kili, Paphos 1 km from Coral Bay. It is a steep climb, but worth it! Legend has it, that Adonis tended to his horses at the site of the baths and he hunted in the nearby Akamas forest. According to Greek Mythology, Aphrodite and Adonis spent a great deal of time here as it was their favourite place, and also here it was where many of their children were born. It is rumoured that the citizens of Paphos are descendants of the two lovers.

The baths are located below a waterfall and there are high cliffs either side with a few trees leaning over the water. Swimming in the Adonis baths is rumoured to make women look more beautiful and younger, and men stronger! The waters here are quite deep and excellent for swimming. There are also some rocks which are great for diving from. A couple of swings are also located over the water, and you can swing from these into the refreshing mountain waters below.

Just outside the baths there is a statue of Adonis and Aphrodite, with a message that reads, “ladies infertile who wish to become pregnant touch Adonis’s appendage and have many children thereafter”.